Date of Graduation

Spring 5-2015

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Department or Program

Environmental Studies

Number of Pages


First Advisor

Ethan Miller


This thesis focuses on the current coastal management regime in the Fire Island - Long Island area. After Hurricane Sandy barreled through Fire Island and caused the breach currently known as the Old Inlet, there were a variety of policy issues to consider. Since the formation of the Inlet, there have been a variety of different effects on the surrounding areas, including the people who live in Suffolk County. As a result, there are stakeholders on both Fire Island and Long Island who have different ideas about managing the breach. I suggest a governance solution that should be applied to the management regime of Old Inlet that follows the theory of John Dryzek's ecological democracy. Throughout the thesis, I refer to this theory as the Modified Dryzekian framework. In an attempt to propose a more democratic solution to the current bureaucratic management regime, I apply the Modified Dryzekian framework to the case of Old Inlet, Fire Island.

Components of Thesis

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