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The relationship between the Uighurs and the Chinese government has been tumultuous for centuries. The conflict between the two has become increasingly turbulent over the past twenty years. The end of the 20th century saw an increase in religious oppression by the Chinese Communist Party and, in response, a series of protests and violent incidents in Islamic communities. In the 21st century, China has emerged as a world power and developed exponentially with great prosperity. China is globally known as the leader in the application of technology in national security. The Chinese government’s employment of surveillance and data compilation to consolidate power has amplified the tensions between the government and the Uighurs, a misunderstood group of people within China. In theory, the use of facial recognition and artificial intelligence to prevent and solve crimes is invaluable. However, the constant monitoring of citizens in an attempt to eradicate crime creates a thin line between criminal and citizen. The constant policing of Chinese citizens has developed into the perfect design to isolate and control the minority population.

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