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This collaborative assessment utilizes a number of exploratory methodologies to evaluate Nutrition Incentive Programs (NIPs) and the features they encompass across the United States. Using information about other statewide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) initiatives as models and frameworks, we assembled a series of recommendations as to how the Maine Harvest Bucks Nutrition Incentive Program could transition, and scale-up, from being in only farmers’ markets, to large, traditional retail venues. In situating this assessment and our recommendations in the specific context of the state of Maine, this report recognizes the perpetual friction that exists in the United States between the notions of supporting local economies and farming livelihoods and maximizing widespread access to fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables in food deserts. This report has been written and compiled by Bates College Environmental Studies students, for the benefit of the Maine Local Food Access Network (MLFAN). This assessment was commissioned by Sherie Blumenthal, representative of the St. Mary’s Nutrition Center within the MLFAN organization. This report is designed to be utilized as an introductory guide to approaching the series of decisions to begin to transition the Maine Harvest Bucks Nutrition Incentive Program into traditional retail venues.