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An investigation was done on the qualities and characteristics of a parcel of land owned by the Stanton Bird Club in Lewiston, Maine to provide two comprehensive budgetary suggestions for land management. The area of focus within the parcel was the 25-30 acre meadow, a unique habitat for ground nesting birds. Information on the meadow was collected through site assessment and consultations with key informants which contributed to providing the most useful budgetary suggestions in a low-end and high-end proposal. To provide suggestions for implementing features to ensure habitat preservation, education, and low-impact recreation, the three fold mission of the Stanton Bird Club, it was necessary to do a soil analysis in the meadow to understand the water table and characteristics of the soil. As such, soil pits were dug in various locations. In doing so, it was concluded that the meadow was supersaturated, informing decisions on where to place trails gravel trails, a gravel parking lot, and other features. Each feature was individually budgeted, and then two comprehensive budgets, a low-end and a high-end, were chosen based on practicality and economic feasibility. Finally, a selection of contacts were made for future relationships to establish between the Stanton Bird Club and Bates College to provide sustainable and lasting connections between two community members.