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Our report provides a detailed explanation of our processes to determine metrics for measuring long-term and short-term success in Lewiston’s Maine, downtown Tree Street Neighborhood. The aim of our work was to assist The City of Lewiston and their efforts to secure the Housing and Urban Developments (HUD), Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant. We worked closely with Lewiston’s Healthy Neighborhood Development Team, whose focus is targeted to the Neighborhood component of the Implementation Grant.

Using the four strategies given to us by the Healthy Neighborhood Development Team, our work focused on establishing metrics to support these strategies. Our approach to developing metrics was heavily influenced by the Goals of Lewiston’s “Growing Our Tree Streets” Transformation Plan to represent the Tree Streets Neighborhood positively and accurately. We specifically foregrounded our approach to metrics in an asset-based mindset to align ourselves with the Healthy Neighborhoods Development Team and the Transformation Plan while remaining cognizant of HUD’s requirements for metrics.

We identified 24 metrics that support the four strategies while also supporting the larger Goals from the Transformation Plan. Our established metrics indicate success across six Goals of the Transformation Plan and while dually supporting the four strategies. Of the 24 metrics, 14 specifically satisfied HUD requirements. All metrics are accompanied by information to support the location and collection of data.