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Outdoor spaces and summer camps have a myriad of positive benefits on the lives and growth of children. Access to these experiences is extremely inequitable across communities of different geography, income, and race. Agassiz Village is a non-profit camp in Poland Maine that works to expand access to Maine outdoors and summer camp experiences for kids 8 - 17 that reside in lower income neighborhoods surrounding the Boston and Maine areas. Our report provides a detailed description of our process to assist in creating new revenue streams for Agassiz Village. The aim of our work was to create an accessible, organized summary of the property owned by Agassiz Village and all of its assets and resources along with a comprehensive proposal to reduce costs and create new revenue streams. In doing so, we worked alongside Agassiz Village staff to outline current knowledge of the property they own and what can and can’t be done to the land. We then created potential ideas that can be turned into a larger project, should Agassiz Village choose to pursue.