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Environmental Studies


There are still 1.2 billion people living without access to electricity and hundreds of millions more with unreliable access. Most of these living in rural areas of developing countries. As a result rural electrification (RE) is a massive challenge. Financing RE projects are difficult and often governments of developing countries and national power companies cannot undertake such tasks without the help of international aid. RE projects are heavily reliant on Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). Electrification has many benefits and can change the lives of rural households. This thesis analyzes completed and ongoing RE projects in Nepal undertaken by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). I analyze the concept of development as a whole, from the history of its making to its becoming of a massive industry with large influence developing world. I attempt to expand RE literature by understanding the implications of the ADB’s large-scale infrastructure projects on local peoples of Nepal.

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Sonja Pieck

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