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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies


In this thesis I introduce the work of Aldo Leopold and his conceptual framing of The Land Ethic (Leopold, 1949c). I also provide an analysis of his philosophy on education, and the role that it plays in the development of his land ethic and his ecological conscience. I then explore the works of Jody Hines and other environmental education researchers who have contributed to the cannon of literature on environmental behavior and environmental education. Next, I introduce a more contemporary model of education known as Place-based education, which is used in various pockets across the United States. Using these three models that work to instill environmentally conscious behavior in students, I introduce my new conceptual model that addresses the concerns of each of the prior authors and philosophies. This model pulls from each author and educational pedagogy to address variables that may not have been addressed by one model alone. With the help of this new conceptual model, I provide an environmental science curriculum. Finally, I identify future steps that need to be taken in order to successfully determine the practicality of such a curriculum. The purpose of this new conceptual model and curriculum is to provide educators both with a framework and an example of best practice when considering environmental behaviors in their students.

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