Department or Program

Environmental Studies


This project approaches the Environmental Crisis we face today as a problem of perspective. More specifically a result of the "Western" perspective. In an attempt to solve matters of the environmental crisis we face today this project first and foremost sets up a philosophical discussion through which one may engage environmental issues from an ontological lens. From this philosophical standpoint it proceeds to deconstruct the western perspective in order to expose its barriers and limitations. Finally this project offers a different perspective as a solution to many of the environmental problems today engaging with philosophies from Heidegger to Cordova. Along with the philosophical discussion this project brings forth a set of short essays that serve to enhance the aforementioned discussion.

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Restricted: Campus/Bates Community Only Access

First Advisor

Jane Costlow

Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Arts

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Components of Thesis

1 .pdf file containing entire thesis including images and all (book format)


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