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Environmental Studies


This thesis investigates environmental racism through a comparison analysis of Pesticide Action Network and Farmworker Justice to see what we can learn about environmental racism. Given my personal background, as a first generation child from a migrant parent who enjoys the fruits of farmworker’s labor, I have explored environmental racism with the goal of contributing to better policy making and a brighter future. My findings contend that environmental racism is often not acknowledged as a dilemma of its own. It is often separated into two separate issues of either race or environmental injustices. Why is the discussion of race not acknowledged or used as a path to seek justice among migrant farmworkers? Discussions of race often add tension to a social justice movement which is why some organizations may strategically choose to disregard the conversation entirely. It is important to remember that continuous study and ongoing conversation about racism is essential to obtaining a greater understanding of prevalent issues such as environmental racism.

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Melinda Plastas

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Fall 12-2013

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Bachelor of Arts

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