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Environmental Studies


Auburn Maine’s food system holds great promise for increasing the community's access to healthy, local food, while also expanding the town’s food capacity and strengthening the local food economy. Changes within Auburn’s food system can be achieved through Comprehensive Planning. Comprehensive Planning would allow for Auburn to clearly outline its food-related needs and goals to be achieved in the next ten years. My research is largely based on a comparison between five existing Comprehensive Plans and another comparison between three food-related documents detailing the needs for Auburn’s food system. From these comparisons I pulled four themes that were integrated into the suggested food-related goals, objectives and strategies that I crafted for Auburn’s future Comprehensive Plan. While these goals suggested for Auburn’s Comprehensive Plan address the inefficiencies and issues within the local food system, the Auburn mayor and food council should reconsider and amend them to incorporate more aspects of food justice and equity. With the help of Comprehensive Planning and the work of multiple stakeholders in the community, Auburn will see lasting change within its food system that unites all parts of the community with locally produced food.

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Francis Eanes

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