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The School of Environmental Studies (SES) located in Apple Valley, Minnesota is a satellite school offered to junior and senior high school students. SES aims to foster environmental responsibility in their students by presenting them with environmental values and topics, while also empowering them to become agents of the world. Quantitative data was collected to analyze if the education offered at SES is successful at increasing environmental attitudes and behaviors. Two correlational tests found a positive relationship between the impact of SES with environmental attitudes, and with environmental behaviors. Qualitative data was used to identify important characteristics of SES, the influence of SES on students, and the long-term influence of SES on the current lives of alumni. Both qualitative and quantitative forms of data were used to create a comprehension model regarding how SES is able to increase environmental attitudes and behaviors in its attendees. Including the work of Deci and Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory, this research suggests the environment and culture at SES allows students to develop a sense of belonging, self-confidence, and a drive or spark. These developments either prompt change in environmental attitudes and behaviors or reinforce previous environmental attitudes and behaviors. This study also highlights the influence of life characteristics on the ability to enact some environmental behaviors.

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