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Environmental Studies


This research examines the implications of Airbnb in the state of Maine through an analysis of Airbnb advertisements. Past studies have shown the gentrifying effects of Airbnb in urban areas, but have neglected to examine the impacts of the company on more rural, or exurban, areas. Using a framework that incorporates both Henri Lefebvre's Spatial Triad Theory and aspects of Michel Foucault's spatial theory, along with basic components of the rural idyll, I break down rural Airbnb stays into Lefebvre's three facets of space: perceived, conceived, and lived. Through this analysis I find that hosts set the intentions of producing spaces that uphold the rural idyll in order to attract and cater to consumers, further contributing to the company's rapid expansion throughout Maine's rural areas and raising concerns for its implications in local communities.

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Sonja Pieck

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Bachelor of Arts

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