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Environmental Studies


With the Biden administration pushing for increased offshore wind energy in the United States, it could be said that people are concerned about the economic and environmental impacts of increased offshore wind energy into the power grid. This study looks at two questions. The first being what are the environmental and economic impacts of the integration of offshore wind turbines into the New England Power grid, and the second looks at what the future of offshore wind will look like for the Northeast region of the United States. Research was conducted through a combination of compiling and analyzing peer reviewed articles, and conducting data manipulation from sources such as the World Bank, Energy Information Administration and the National Renewable Energy Lab. Results indicated that increased integration of offshore wind will lead to both negative and positive impacts economically and environmentally. That being said, there have been efforts in garnering solutions to decreasing the impacts of the consequences of offshore wind installation. The plans for the future of offshore wind in the United States are promising. It is of utmost importance that the plans follow through, as they will play essential roles in a greener tomorrow.

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John Smedley

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