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Environmental Studies


Have you ever put a face to your food? This Environmental Studies Portfolio project does just that, pulling back the curtain on the ubiquitous exploitation of migrant farm workers in the Maine agricultural industry. This story map reviews three major cases of migrant labor exploitation including Decoster Egg Farms, Antoine et al v. Paul et al., and the Dairy with Dignity Protests. These three cases demonstrate an unfortunate reality about the inadequate protections provided by and lacking enforcement of labor laws for migrant farm workers; allowing farms to get off with petty fines for egregious workplace abuse. With an understanding of this dynamic, this story map concludes by reviewing what laws are being considered at the state and federal level to alleviate this issue, along with what still needs to be done. Thus, this story map has the goal of bringing attention to the exploitation of migrant farm workers to ensure they are treated how they should be, as human beings.

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Carissa Aoki

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Bachelor of Arts

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