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Environmental Studies


Ski and surf films are more alike than one may expect. The sports themselves are quite similar as well for their similarity in environmental playing fields, and complete reliance on natural conditions. The films reflect this similarity through many factors relating to shot choice, editing, and structure. Although similar, there is not only one category of the ski and surf film genre. This thesis explores the theory that there are two paradigms which ski and surf films can be categorized into; the realistic paradigm and the fantasy paradigm. Discussing these paradigms allows the audience to better question two prevalent subjects in the present day ski and surf industry; localism, and wilderness dialogue. Both paradigms interact with these subjects differently. This thesis discusses exactly how these paradigms can be linked to both subjects of wilderness dialogue and localism through the analysis of four recent ski and surf films. Two of these films fit into the realistic paradigm and two fit into the fantasy paradigm. The films and their paradigms are analyzed and and compared to wilderness dialogue as well as localism in an effort to discover how the they differ among the two subjects.

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