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Environmental Studies


The morning is still, the water, the air. Even the red squirrels that can usually be heard chattering in the tall pines above are quiet at this hour. It is so quiet that just the sound of my boots on the wet ramp thunders across the cove and echoes back to me off the opposite shore. Despite the sleep deprived delirium that I’m operating under at 3:30am, I cannot help but wonder and obsess about how the fishing will be today, as I load my gear into the boat. Though I”m excited to be underway and get out to my first spot, I wince as I turn the key over, knowing the rumble of the two stroke outboard is sure to wake some poor soul out of their sleep. After what feels like an eternity, of slowly following the illuminated circle created by my spot light through a maze of lobster traps and ledges, I’m out of the harbor and headed up river.

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Carissa Aoki

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Bachelor of Arts

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