The Danish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Sustainable Initiatives, Innovations, & Businesses

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Environmental Studies


“Green” entrepreneurship can manifest in a diverse range of ways, from social-savvy business initiatives to innovative sustainable products and technologies. The combination of the cultural, political, and institutional elements present in the Danish state curate a unique breeding ground for green entrepreneurship opportunities. From family-owned small businesses to large global powerhouse firms, Danish-headquartered businesses at all scales are advancing and redefining what sustainable business models look like. Despite the narrative that sustainable transitions are risky and can stunt economic productivity, the Danish economy has subsisted primarily by economic agents driven by ambitious climate commitments and decarbonization goals. The economic performance illustrates that a severe reduction in carbon emissions does not hinder growth, and instead real GDP rose 25% between 2000 and 2020, with carbon emissions cut in half. These data suggest that Denmark has used its decarbonization and sustainability efforts as a tool to leverage its economic success and general national notoriety. So, what other variables exist within the country to support sustainable growth?

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Tyler Harper

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