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Environmental Studies


Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between increasing temperatures and increasing crime rates in marginilized communities. I am interested in investigating the immediate effects of climate change (specifically heat) and its impact on marginilized communities in the context of rising crime rates and violence. In terms of human culture I want to focus on rhetoric and how it is used in the media to portray violence and climate change in these communities. The immediate aspect of crime oftentimes is not explicitly represented in the context of crime being an environmental problem. Many people do not see this as a climate change issue and we need to reshift our representation to how we view violence in these communities. I also want to focus on specific terms such as slow violence, indirect and direct violence in portrayal of media as well. What is the media representation of crime during heat waves? Does the media talk about this? How do they label these kinds of issues in crime?

My thesis is in the form of a podcast where I answer these questions through interviews with public health reporter Fairrriona Magee.

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Tyler Harper

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Bachelor of Arts

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