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Environmental Studies


Malaga Island has a history that many other communities in the United States share: erasure. Off the coast of Phippsburg Maine on Malaga Island a mixed race fishing community once resided in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. This community was displaced in the wake of economic turmoil for the state and was justified by the eugenics movement that was surging throughout the country. This story is often forgotten about or told in ways that perpetuate the harmful stereotypes spread during the community's forced removal. In my research I aim to gather the history of Malaga Island in a way that humanizes and remembers this community in ways that are more than just their displacement. Not only did BIPOC live in Maine, but they had an interesting connection to Maine’s coastal environment that many Mainers to this day share. This project will also explore artistic avenues that have ways of telling a more emotional history and connect Mainers to this story in ways that elevate Maine’s BIPOC history.

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Christine Martinez

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Holly Ewing

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Tyler Harper

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Bachelor of Arts

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