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Environmental Studies


This capstone project includes an op-ed, story map, and final zine-style article that all explore the multitudes of ways in which beavers’ environmental engineering activities have profoundly positive impacts on ecosystem health. The story map and zine include photographs, which were all taken by myself with the aim to create a more engaging multimedia reading experience. To include new, unpublished information, I took to the field with two biologists working with Maine’s threatened turtles and explored the numerous impacts of beavers on the life histories of these species. All three pieces of work discuss similar content and themes, with the zine being the most detailed and thorough of them all. Reading my final project will hopefully leave you with a much stronger understanding of the history of beavers in the United States, how beavers fight climate change and improve biodiversity, and how conservationists are working with beavers to bring back threatened species.

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Restricted: Campus/Bates Community Only Access

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Christine Martinez

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Bachelor of Arts


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