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Environmental Studies


This thesis explores the application of Michel Foucault's concept of governmentality to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), analyzing FedEx's initiatives within this theoretical framework. The study scrutinizes the extent to which FedEx's CSR activities, including environmental sustainability efforts and vaccine distribution logistics, serve as tools for corporate governance and societal control. By examining the biopolitical aspects of CSR, the thesis argues that such initiatives, while marketed as contributions to societal welfare, often extend corporate influence into public policy and community norms. Utilizing Foucault’s theories, the research reveals how corporations like FedEx enact governance beyond traditional business practices, influencing societal behaviors and shaping regulatory landscapes to fit their strategic interests. This critical approach aims to provide a deeper understanding of the intersection between corporate power and social responsibility, challenging the perception of CSR as mere acts of corporate goodwill.

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Sonja Pieck

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Bachelor of Arts

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