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Environmental Studies


In researching for and writing this thesis I have learned two things: (1) the method for feeding ourselves, both farming practices and food system related activities, has grown amorphous in scale and directly threatens the wellbeing of future generations (2) there are countless agrarians throughout America who are working tirelessly to transplant culture back into agriculture. This thesis begins with the bleak reality that our conventional food system is in crisis. An alternative to industrial agribusiness and the global food system is introduced in Chapter 2, suggesting that the health of our culture depends upon actualizing agrarianism. Chapter 3 provides three place-specific case studies where agrarian action is empowering communities and cultivating cognizant creators. In conclusion, Chapter 4 purposes ways in which “the good food revolution” can become commonplace, most notably through convergence and collaboration amongst already established alternative food institutions.

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Jane Costlow

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Spring 5-2014

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Bachelor of Arts

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Components of Thesis

Chapter 1: A Food System in Crisis

Chapter 2: Building Commensal Communities

Chapter 3: Place-Specific Case Studies

Chapter 4: A Robust Regional Foodshed


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