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Environmental Studies


How do visual and narrative-based approaches to communicating environmental messages inspire action and further awareness? This thesis investigates three artists whose work tells environmental stories in various ways: activists from the Beehive Design Collective, photographer Chris Jordan, and activist/performer Marc Bamuthi Joseph. These artists produce challenging, engaging, emotionally vital art that allows urgent environmental messages to sink in to peoples’ minds and hearts in a different way than scientific information. At this time when our planet is in ever-increasing environmental danger and the need for action becomes ever greater, how we perceive our relation to the issues facing us will determine how we attempt to solve them. Art has rich potential to provide an entry point to emotion, creativity and community, and thereby to help people grapple with overwhelming environmental issues in an empowered and visionary way.

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Open Access

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Jane Costlow

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Spring 5-2014

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Bachelor of Arts

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