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Environmental Studies


The Wadden Sea protected area, shared between Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands is a unique area in terms of ecology and biodiversity. In the last thirty years, it has been afforded more and more protection on a higher and higher level. While responsibility initially fell to the three controlling nations, the area was added to the World Heritage list in 2009. While the designation might seem beneficial, it was heavily opposed by the region’s residents, who viewed it as a threat to their already endangered autonomy, particularly in light of a constantly increasing body of exterior stakeholders. This thesis examines how the Trilateral Wadden Sea Council’s priorities have shifted over time from a more locally perspective to a more internationally focused one through the concept of the stakeholder. It will also discuss whether or not this shift has been a beneficial one for the Wadden Sea and its conservation policies.

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Sonja Pieck

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Spring 5-2013

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Bachelor of Arts

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