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Environmental Studies


This thesis focuses on the current coastal management regime in the Fire Island - Long Island area. After Hurricane Sandy barreled through Fire Island and caused the breach currently known as the Old Inlet, there were a variety of policy issues to consider. Since the formation of the Inlet, there have been a variety of different effects on the surrounding areas, including the people who live in Suffolk County. As a result, there are stakeholders on both Fire Island and Long Island who have different ideas about managing the breach. I suggest a governance solution that should be applied to the management regime of Old Inlet that follows the theory of John Dryzek's ecological democracy. Throughout the thesis, I refer to this theory as the Modified Dryzekian framework. In an attempt to propose a more democratic solution to the current bureaucratic management regime, I apply the Modified Dryzekian framework to the case of Old Inlet, Fire Island.

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Ethan Miller

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Spring 5-2015

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Bachelor of Arts

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