The sound recordings are digitized from various formats including cassette tapes, open-reel tapes and phonograph records. Recordings include Muskie's speeches and other public remarks, including question-and-answer sessions, press conferences, radio and television interviews and news broadcasts, campaign spots for broadcast over radio or television, and congressional hearings. This selection of recordings is relevant to Muskie's environmental work over his career but may include other topics if the speaking engagement included other topics.

SR296 - Muskie speech on Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act

SR749 - Muskie feed for Wednesday January 26, 1972

SC241 - Speech on economic dislocation, plant shutdowns, pollution and ecology, worker layoffs

SR207 - News report on Senate hearings on water pollution

SR427 - Muskie campaign interview

SR693 - Muskie feed for Tuesday November 30, 1971

SC0028 - Press conference - Press conference with Muskie on ambient air quality standards, automobiles in Los Angeles and their pollution

SC0014 - Q & A session - ESM questions and answers on water pollution

SC0015 - Remarks - Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania - ESM on environment, protection of air and water

SC0173 - Press conference - ESM on Tax reform, economy, budget, capital punishment, oil spill, movie workers

SC0181 - Speech - Muskie speaks on organized labor in U.S., consumer protection legislation, state of U.S. economy, supersonic transport, pollution control

SC0243 - Press conference - Muskie speaks on economic dislocation, environmental protection, U.S. economy and Nixon policies, economic problems, pollution, automobiles, wage and price restraints, 1972 campaign, Vietnam war, abortion, large unions