Ancient Macedonia, Alexander the Great and the Star or Sun of Vergina: National Symbols and the Conflict between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia

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A Companion to Ancient Macedonia

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Book Chapter - Open Access

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'Macedonia', 'the Macedonian nation', 'the Macedonian language'-and 'the Macedonian minority in Greece', 'Macedonia'-widely used with three different meanings, Alexander the Great, famous national ancestor-powerful symbol of their national identity and a central figure in their national history, Ancient Macedonia, Alexander the Great and the Star or Sun of Vergina-national symbols and conflict between Greece and Republic of Macedonia, Ancient Macedonia, Alexander the Great, and the sun or star of Vergina-in 'global cultural war', Anthropological perspectives-role of ancient Macedonia in contemporary Balkan politics, Competing claims to legacy of Alexander the Great-politicized scholarly work in fields of ancient Greek art, archaeology and history, Inhabitants of Macedonia-illiterate peasants, and no clearly developed sense of national identity, Macedonian Question, important issues-in Balkan history and politics, Macedonians, committed to affirming existence-unique people with a unique history, culture and identity

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