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Previous studies in post glacial regions such as Finland and Sweden have detected small earthquakes and the existence of fault scarps that suggest larger seismic events. Their studies found, though GPR surveys and trenching, powerful post glacial earthquakes which brings into question the seismic stability of other regions such as Maine. This study identifies multiple potential fault scarps and maps them both individually and broadly for the whole region. One of the sites, the North Berwick Site, we were able to conduct a GPR survey which showed evidence of a fault. While not definitive, the survey is compelling towards the conclusion that the North Berwick site is a fault and suggests that other sites identified may also be faults. Future studies could utilize known paleoseismology techniques to find conclusive evidence of the age and magnitude of the identified faults in this study to gain a better understanding of the seismic risk of the Maine region.

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Shreya Arora

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