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This series of five experiments examined whether reentrant pathways in the visual system aid in the binding of visual features. The experiments studied the involvement of reentrant processes in the binding of color, orientation, shape, and motion. Experiments #1 and #2 examined color and orientation. Experiment #1 (N = 24) demonstrated that reentrant processes were necessary only when binding was required, while Experiment #2 (N = 26) showed that reentrant processes were necessary for binding but were also necessary when binding was not required. Experiment #3 (N = 20) and Experiment #4 (N = 21) demonstrated that reentrant processes were used when participants were required to respond to shapes. These data may indicate that binding is always needed when seeing shapes. Experiment #5 (N = 23) examined color and motion, but the results were inconclusive because participants did not perceive motion in the displays used. Together, the findings of these five experiments indicate that reentrant processes always enhanced performance when binding was required but also facilitated performance in some instances when binding of features was not required. Implications of this research and future directions are discussed.

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Kahan, Todd

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Spring 5-2014

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Bachelor of Arts

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