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After a history of religious wars, movements, and suppressed religious activity during Communism, the Czech Republic continues to secularize and is recognized as one of the most secular countries in the world. In my thesis I explore the character of this assumed secularism and ask how religion and irreligion in the Czech Republic contribute to Czech identity. Religion, mainly Christianity, might define national culture but only through secular traditions with disintegrated religious significance. My own research allows me to expand on other sociological work in the field and interpret Czech secularism in relation to the present day Czech Republic’s values and its historical past. I conducted interviews and surveys/class discussions in the Czech Republic. Interpretations of the perspectives, beliefs, and reflections from interviews with Czechs in Prague, and the group discussions and surveys from high school classrooms in Moravia inform and nuance questions about Czech secularism. Although the Czech Republic is largely secular, within this secularity are layers of spirituality, religious identification, and different mediums for Czechs to express faith, grapple with personal concerns, and address larger universal questions.

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Kazecki, Jakub

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Spring 5-2015

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Bachelor of Arts

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