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This thesis is a study of the representation of anorexia, as a prevalent eating disorder, in Argentina. Although anorexia is discussed in the medical world and those who suffer from the disorder receive medical attention, the route of eating disorders is not, in fact, medical. Eating disorders are a result of the social and cultural influences that we see in developed countries. Through the study of literature and film this thesis deconstructs the medicalization of eating disorders like anorexia. There is no set of familial, personal values or tendencies that necessarily lead to an eating disorder. Using a critical feminist approach, this study argues that dissatisfaction with perceived and assigned positions of gender, class, and sexuality is at the root of what is socially constructed as an eating disorder, consistent with the values and ideas prevalent in Argentinean society. Dissatisfaction is the ultimate root of anorexia, whether that dissatisfaction stems from ones self-perception, perception of society, or any other number of factors. The most important resource that I will use is Critical Feminist Approaches to Eating Dis/Orders, which looks at eating disorders as not mental illness but as consistent with the values and ideals that we see in modern societies.

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Fra-Molinero, Baltasar

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Spring 5-2016

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Bachelor of Arts

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