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Physics and Astronomy


This study investigates nonlinear dynamics in a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser subject to optical injection. The objective is to identify the perturbation parameters for instabilities to occur. Nonlinear dynamics were observed under different optical injection schemes -- parallel and orthogonal single-beam injections were applied to single transverse mode and two-transverse mode VCSEL. Dynamics maps in parameter plane of injection power and frequency detuning are plotted for each scheme where regions of polarization switching, injection locking, and power fluctuations such as period-1, period-2, and irregular dynamics are identified. In the two-transverse mode regime, mode pulling and pushing effects have been examined. The investigation reveals that, in the single-mode regime of the VCSEL, the dynamical features observed in parallel polarization are richer than in the orthogonal injection. However, polarization switching and locking are better supported by orthogonal injection. Power fluctuations were seen in both X- and Y-polarizations of the VCSEL for both orthogonal and parallel injections. The behavior in the two-transverse mode regime exhibits less rich dynamics in comparison to the single-transverse mode regime. In addition, this thesis also includes study of a double-injection locking state induced by dual-beam orthogonal injection in a two- transverse mode VCSEL. An irregular variation in the ratio of intensities of the first-order transverse mode to that of the fundamental mode was observed for an increase in injection power.

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Lin, Hong

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Bachelor of Science

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