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Physics and Astronomy


With the recent production of Bose-Einstein condensates using NASA's Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) aboard the International Space Station, research is underway focusing on the extent to which quantum mechanics can be studied in a microgravity environment. These condensates have the potential to be the coldest ever studied in experiment and in free-fall their place in orbit allows us to observe them in long time-of-flights. This thesis reports fitting analyses and trap frequency characterization of imaging data from condensates in conventional magnetic potentials. This information will be used for the calibration and design of future experiments with CAL, regarding both conventional and radio-frequency dressed traps. Of particular interest to further study are ellipsoidal shell condensates and the quasi-two-dimensional condensate that exists on its surface in the limit of low shell thickness.

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Restricted: Embargoed [Open Access After Expiration]

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Lundblad, Nathan

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Bachelor of Arts

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