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Li-ion cathode alternative materials are gaining attention as the need for more environ- mentally friendly and safer options increase. Na oxide cathodes are particularly promising in this field due to their low costs, low toxicities, and relative safety in comparison to Li analogues. Hollandite and delafossite crystal structures provide space for Na intercalation into the structure, making them viable frameworks for cathode materials. The synthesis and structural characteristic of NaxMO2 (M=Ni, Mn) are herein described. Solid state syn- thesis of materials with smaller sodium contents yield products with P63/mmc delafossite structures via the solid state route. Samples using MnO2 as a starting material tend to not form phase pure structures. Hydrothermal syntheses yields a new phase that is currently unindexed. The structures of these materials are analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

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Laurita-Plankis, Geneva

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Bachelor of Science

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