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Sounds of Scotland

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My composition, Sounds of Scotland, was inspired my semester abroad in St. Andrews, Scotland, where I learned about the various musical traditions of the country. The piece combines multiple styles of music (classical, folk, pop, and rock) into a cohesive three movement work. The piece is written for an eleven instrument ensemble capable of providing a variety of timbres and techniques spanning many different Scottish musical inspirations. The first movement integrates Scottish instrumental folk tunes and textures into a classical sonata form framework, drawing inspiration from composers that have integrated Scottish folk music into classical pieces such as Hamish MacCunn and James Oswald. The second movement is an arrangement of an alternative rock song I composed while in Scotland, following a strophic form with some modifications. The final movement is inspired by Scottish vocal music, consisting of a series of variations on two popular vocal folk tunes, with harmonies, textures, transitional material, and other elements influenced by pop and rock songs from Scottish artists. The overall twenty-seven minute work intentionally combines different musical stylistic elements with Scottish roots, comparable to the symphonies of the Western classical canon but with a modern twist. I intend for the diversity of styles combined in one piece to be a symbol of unity, and hope that listeners will gain a greater appreciation for Scottish music (in its many forms) and Scotland through listening to the piece.

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Miura, Hiroya

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