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Interdisciplinary Studies


A liberal arts education is meant to be comprehensive and address multiple facets of academia and yet, three years ago, I felt there was something missing in my experience-- something creative, something interdisciplinary, something rooted in problem-solving and helping people. To address this missing piece, I created an Interdisciplinary Design Major. This initial curriculum was my first design project and this thesis is my second iteration of that project. In this thesis, I had expected to have created an improved curriculum for future students to be able to gain the same valuable things from their education that I was able to gain from mine. What I discovered, however, was that what Bates best offers is a unique design experience that serves to augment liberal arts education. Through this design experience, education can be enriched as students begin to see the interconnectivity of design, expand their processes of thinking, and expose themselves to the importance of design in the real world. This thesis is about the potential of the Design Experience, should it be perpetuated and improved in an ongoing community-wide iterative design process.

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McDowell, B. Christine

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Bachelor of Arts

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