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A Place Beyond all Hope is an attempt to reconcile two different, yet inextricably linked dimensions of my musical identity; one steeped in education, tradition, and academic music, and another in spontaneous creativity, pure emotion, basement jams, and moshpits. My thesis, a compositional study comprising two distinct bodies of work, illustrates how my flowering sense of self-assurance for who I am as a musician and who I am becoming as a musician, has helped me understand that my musical identity is one of complete integration; I should not feel that a scholarly-leaning part of myself and say, a more visceral aspect of my identity, should have to be kept separate from one another as if each trait was not simply… another tile in my musical mosaic. Comparison is the killer of joy, and thanks to the 21st century’s tsunami of social media, it becomes nearly impossible to feel assured that there is merit and value in the ways I personally engage with music in light of constantly seeing how others choose to do so. Broken into one project informed by metal music and another exploring the textures of jazz, these ‘EP’s,’ medicine for my own insecurities, showcase aspects of my musical identity I believe to be longstanding, fundamental, and domineering. Stitched together by themes like isolation, depression, and hopelessness–inspired by my experience as a liver transplant recipient–this portfolio is my declaration that the artist I am is an artist I should feel comfortable being, should feel proud to be, am proud to be!

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Miura, Hiroya

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Bachelor of Arts

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PDF - One master PDF featuring all musical score from 'A Place Beyond all Hope'

WAV - seven different files, featuring exported audio from Logic Pro/MuseScore


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