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Access Services Conference

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Colby, Bates and Bowdoin (CBB) College libraries have a thirty-year history of working closely with one another that has created an extraordinary level of mutual trust. In 2010 we completed a 3-year Mellon funded collections grant, and as a result CBB agreed to share a single approval plan that automatically sends a single title to be shared by the three schools. CBB created a formal governance structure to coordinate the many aspects of our increased collaboration which embraces four major areas of our activities, one of which is Access Services. The group consults on and informs policies and procedures that impact all three libraries. Access Services sta have worked to implement standard loan policies for CBB faculty and students and provide a shared delivery service. CBB collections collaboration would not have been able to go forward had these loan policies, quick turnaround practices and e cient delivery not been in place. In the near future, the group will be looking to coordinate lost and missing procedures and evaluate reconciliation measures. Going forward, CBB Access Services anticipates many other issues that will need discussion as we present CBB collections as one. CBB Access Services sta would like to share some of the high (and challenging) points of our collaborative journey.

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