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Oral History

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MOH 224


Roger Hare was born in Houlton, Maine on December 27, 1927. His parents were Hilda Porter and Donald Hare. He grew up in Houlton and attended Monticello Elementary and Middle School and Houlton High School. When he was seventeen, he contracted tuberculosis and spent two years at a sanitarium in Hebron. After that he went to work for the Maine Turnpike in 1947 as one of the first toll collectors. He worked for the International Association of Machinists as a field staff person for twenty-four years and as a union representative for forty years.

Scope and Content Note

Interview includes discussions of: Hare’s education and family background; Houlton, Maine; Hare’s illness and recovery from tuberculosis; Teamster’s Union; Maine Turnpike; Hare’s political background; Maine Democratic Party; Democratic Mid-term convention in Kansas City 1977; Hare’s introduction to Muskie; Muskie’s 1972 campaign and William Loeb; Ken Curtis; Ted Kennedy’s campaign in 1980; Hare’s introduction to Gloria Steinem; Hatch Act of 1975; Maine Democratic State Committee; Maine AFL-CIO; Hare’s relationship with Muskie; Jane Muskie; Hubert Humphrey; David Hastings; Al Page; Wagner Act of 1935; Ronald Reagan; and Maine labor issues.

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