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MOH 082


Scott Frederick Hutchinson was born in Gardiner, Maine on April 16, 1929 to Helen Frances and Scott Arthur Hutchinson. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was employed by New England Telephone Company, first as a line worker, and eventually as vice president. For four years during World War II, his father was sent overseas to set up communications lines. Hutchinson’s childhood was spent living in various communities throughout New England. After graduating from high school, he attended Northeastern University. After college he served in the Army during the Korean War. Coming back to Maine, Hutchinson began a career in banking. During Ken Curtis’ campaign for governor, he served as treasurer. He then served as treasurer for Ed Muskie’s Senatorial campaigns, Vice Presidential campaign, and as treasurer for the Maine Campaign in the Presidential race. He also served as George Mitchell’s treasurer.

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Interview includes discussions of: Hutchinson family history; his involvement with Ken Curtis’ campaign for Governor; changing his party affiliation to Democrat; Muskie’s 1968 Vice Presidential campaign; Muskie’s Cape Elizabeth speech; Muskie’s Presidential campaign from 1969-1972; Manchester Union incident and its aftermath; 1972 Democratic National Convention problems; Muskie’s reaction to rumors of a McGovern vice presidency in 1972; Jimmy Carter’s vice presidential selection; the impact of defeat on Ed Muskie; Muskie as Secretary of State; Muskie’s aggressiveness in supporting his convictions; banking in Maine as a Democrat; Ken Curtis and his family; comparison of Curtis, Mitchell, and Muskie; Maine Democratic Party; Dick McMahon; Charlie Landers; Gayle Corey; Gayle Corey setting up a meeting with the Pope; Muskie as a great communicator; and Muskie as a golfer.

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