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Oral History

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MOH 231


Cynthia (Murray) Beliveau was born October 15, 1947 in Bangor, Maine. She came from a very active political family. She ran her brother Frank’s campaign and later was a state chair for the McGovern campaign in 1972, as well as being active in several other campaigns. When she graduated from John Bapst High School she became a nun, but did not take the vows and left to attend St. Joseph’s College. She was a founder of the Maine Women’s Lobby. She was elected to attend the International Year of the Woman convention. She has traveled around the world in order to raise money and do community service.

Scope and Content Note

Interview includes discussions of: family political history; Bangor political history; brother’s election campaigns for secretary of state, Maine House of Representatives and Senate; McGovern campaign in 1972; Maine gubernatorial campaign, 1986; Watergate; 1954 Maine gubernatorial campaign; prejudice against Catholics in Maine; Women’s Rights movement; Maine Teacher’s Association Women’s Caucus; Maine Women’s Lobby; Gore campaign; personal meetings with Muskie; changes in the Democratic Party; Severin Beliveau; Janet Mills; and Albert Beliveau.

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