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Oral History

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MOH 218


Joseph “Joe” Mayo was born September 8, 1959 in Rockland, Maine. His parents were Lucy Jewett (Adams) Mayo and James Henry Mayo. Mayo grew up in Thomaston, Maine where his father was a selectman and his mother was a leading member of the community in terms of community service. In 1982, his father was elected to the House of Representatives. When his father died the following year, Joseph Mayo ran for his seat and served five terms from 1983- 1992. When he first entered the legislature, he was only 23 years old, in the process of earning his master’s degree in business at the University of Maine in Orono, which he never completed. In 1992 he ran and obtained the position of Clerk of the House, which he still held in August, 2000. He was diagnosed with ALS and passed away May 23, 2002.

Scope and Content Note

Interview includes discussions of: family background; Thomaston, Maine; Lucy Mayo’s involvement in the Thomaston community; Joe Mayo’s political career; Maine politicians with whom Joe Mayo worked; Joe Mayo’s encounters with Ed Muskie; environmental issues; Muskie’s 1968 campaign; Margaret Chase Smith; John Martin; Maine Health Care Finance Commission; Worker’s Compensation; Mayo as Clerk of the Maine House; current members of Maine legislature; Democratic Party in Maine; and Muskie’s license plate.

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