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Oral History

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MOH 341


Julia (Davis) Nault was born in Machias, Maine in 1934 to Edrie and Julian Davis. Her mother was a housewife, and her father worked in the wholesale beef business. Her father was an active Democrat in the Machias area, and worked with Ed Muskie at the Office of Price Stabilization. She married Mark Nault and returned to Maine in 1964. Her husband was the editor of the Machias Times. She was active in Democratic politics and served as a director of the U.S. Census one year, and served on the Maine Legal Needs Commission with Ed Muskie.

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Interview includes discussions of: Machias in the 1930s; Julian Davis; candidates visiting the Julian home; Lucia Cormier; Kennedy convention in 1960; issues growing up; Muskie at the Office of Price Stabilization (OPS); activism in the Davis home; escorting Muskie around various places; Muskie’s mode of thought; Campobello (RCIPC); Muskie’s enthusiasm about Campobello; Muskie on the Maine Legal Needs Commission; Muskie’s impatience with foolish thought; Gayle Cory; Cianchette family; Muskie’s kindness to his loyal supporters; and Muskie’s Edsel.

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