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Oral History

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MOH 381


Mildred Estelle “Stell” (Beehner) Shevis was born on July 1, 1915 in Hartford, Connecticut to George and Mildred Beehner and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She attended Watertown High School before going on to the Massachusetts College of Art. Here she met her future husband William “Shev” Shevis. Shev Shevis emigrated from Scotland in 1928. He grew up in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1937. After they were married, Stell and Shev moved to Belmont, Maine to become freelance artists, where they were one of only 2 Democratic families in the town. They designed many things for Muskie’s 1968 campaign for vice president including tie clips, cuff links, pins and chickadee scarves.

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Interview includes discussions of: family backgrounds; moving to Belmont, Maine; politics in Belmont; reading and books; first impression of Ed Muskie; designing for Ed Muskie’s campaign; impressions of Frank Coffin; Owen Smith; and lasting impression of Ed Muskie.

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