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MOH 360


Bruce Chandler was born May 6, 1931 in Nahant, Massachusetts to Henry Warwick Chandler and Florence Johnson Chandler. Henry worked for General Electric Company and became Assistant to the Vice President of the Jet Engine Division. Florence was a teacher until marriage, then a homemaker. Bruce went to Bates College and after graduating in 1953, was drafted into the Service from 1954 to 1956. Later, Chandler attended law school at Georgetown University. He moved back to Maine and became a lawyer in 1961 working with Bob Marden and Dick Dubord, two close friends of Senator Muskie’s. Involved in state politics in Maine for 24 years, Chandler worked as an Assistant County Attorney and later served as General Counsel for the Democratic State Committee. He and his wife, Nancy, both served on the State Committee. He was also on the judicial bench for 10 years. Chandler ran for Mayor of Waterville and County Attorney but did not get elected to either office.

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Interview includes discussions of: family background; college and law school; when Muskie broke his back; politicians in Waterville, Maine; campaigns for Mayor of Waterville and County Attorney; Democratic Party in Maine; years serving on the State Committee; Muskie’s campaign for vice president in 1968; recollections of George Mitchell; Pittston Company, oil refinery business involving Muskie; Muskie temper stories; Muskie name story “Secretary or Senator?”; and Bates College.

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