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Friday, September 29th

A1: Lithium-Boron-Beryllium Gem Pegmatites, Oxford Co., Maine: Havey and Mount Mica Pegmatites

William B. Simmons, Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Alexander U. Falster, Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Karen L. Webber, Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Myles M. Felch, Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Dwight C. Bradley

A2: Smalls Falls Revisted: A Journey Through a Paleozoic Sedimentary Basin

M. R. Van Baalen, Harvard University
Douglas N. Reusch, University of Maine at Farmington
John F. Slack, U.S. Geological Survey

A3: Hydrogeology of the Former Chlor-Alkali Facility Superfund Site and Downstream Bed Sediment Mercury Contamination in the Androscoggin River, Berlin, New Hampshire

James Degnan, United States Geological Survey
Darryl Luce, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Andrew Hoffman, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Ann Chalmers, United States Geological Survey

A4: Possible Post-Laurentide Cirque Glaciation in the Great Gulf Presidential Range, New Hampshire

Brian Fowler, New Hampshire Geologic Resources Advisory Committee
Dulin Ian, Bates College

A5: Grafton Notch State Park: Glacial Gorges and Streams Under Pressure in the Mahoosic Range, Maine

Alice M. Doughty, Bates College
Woodrow B. Thompson, Maine Geological Survey

A6: Stratigraphic and Structural Traverse of Mount Moriah and the Wild River Wilderness Area

Tim Allen, Keene State College