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Saturday, September 30th

B1: Geology of the Bald Mountain-Saddleback Wind Range, West-Central Maine

Douglas N. Reusch, University of Maine at Farmington
Jake Hansen

B2: Glacial Deposits and Late-Glacial to PostGlacial Alluvial Fans in the Northwestern White Mountains, New Hampshire

Woodrow B. Thompson, Maine Geological Survey
Gregory Barker, New Hampshire Geological Survey

B3: Paleo-Dunes and Other Post-Glacial Oddities in the Woods and Fields of New Sharon and Chesterville, ME

Patricia M. Millette, Mt. Blue High School
Benjamin Andrews, Mt. Blue High School
Anna Glass, Bates College
Thaddeus Gunther, Bates College
Roshan Luick, College of the Atlantic

B4: Bedrock Geology of Mt. Washington, Presidential Range, NH

J. Dykstra Eusden, Bates College
Brigit Anderson, Bates College
Carlos Castro, Bates College
Patrick Gardner, Bates College
Chris Guiterman, Bates College
Stephanie Higgins, Bates College
Kelley Kugel, Bates College
Adam Reid, Bates College
Charles Rodda, Bates College
Caitlin Tamposi, Bates College

B5: Geology of the Lower Ellis River Valley and Rumford Whitecap Mountain, Andover and Rumford, Maine

Lindsay J. Spigel, Maine Geological Survey
Amber T.H. Whittaker, Maine Geological Survey
Ryan P. Gordon, Maine Geological Survey

B6: Devonian Granite Melt Transfer in Western Maine: Relations Between Deformation, Metamorphism, Melting and Pluton Emplacement at the Migmatite Front

Gary S. Solar, State University of New York College at Buffalo - Buffalo State College
Paul B. Tomascak, State University of New York at Oswego
Michael Brown, University of Maryland