This page contains non-honors theses produced by senior Physics and Astronomy majors. To see a list of recent honors theses from this department, please click here. For a list of all honors theses since 2011, click here.


Theses/Dissertations from 2018


Analysis of High Velocity Outflows in 14 Compact Starburst Galaxies with Absorption-Line Spectroscopy at High Spectral Resolution, Kwamae Malakye Delva


Explorations into the Lifecycle and Morphology of Starburst Galaxies, Charles Phillips Lipscomb

Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Viability of Concentrator Photovoltaics for Electricity Production in the United States, John Dina


Spatially Resolving the Mass Surface Density Distribution in 12 Compact Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope, Sophia C.W. Gottlieb


The Bates College Guide to Compact Galaxies: Resolving the Radial Mass Distribution of Stellar Populations in Three Compact Galaxies, Joshua Rines