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Physics and Astronomy


We present an initial analysis of a sample of three compact galaxies,

determining mass distribution as a function of radius for each galaxy.

Making qualitative determinations of the radial mass distribution is likely

to provide insight into the mechanisms driving the large-scale galactic

winds observed from the galaxies in the sample. We maintain that the

launching mechanism is not linked to ongoing AGN activity, but rather

perhaps connected to feedback from star formation. We have spatially

resolved the mass distribution in galaxies J0905, J0826, and J1107 and

observed trends supporting previous assumptions that the mass and light

are contained largely within the inner regions of the galaxy. However, we

have also calculated that the mass is perhaps more extended than we had

initially thought, indicating that Vesc may not be on the order of Vout.

This may imply a different launch mechanism than originally

hypothesized, though this mechanism is yet to be determined.

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Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar

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